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My work is derived from South Korean and Japanese influence; hence, “sketching sarang”. “Sarang” (사랑), meaning “love”, is the core aspect of my designs. Please find my contact information below to get in touch. 감사합니다~


April 2021

A design I’m very proud of that I created for a company with a mission to spread positivity, Some Neat Place. This was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Social Media Design


Social Media ‘Zine

Possibly my favorite assignment, this showed me what I was capable of. Creating my ‘zine took over my life for the next couple weeks and I loved every minute of it; staying up until 6 am, being able to visualize my ideas, and being vulnerable by sharing my personal experiences. This ‘zine, which portrays a personal experience with social media, was created using Adobe Photoshop. Nominated for Excellence in New Media Award with little knowledge of Photoshop.

“I love all the imagery you created; there is a clear design/content relationship. You’re ‘zine is visually exciting, yet there is overall cohesion. You clearly have a talent for design.”

Professor Ferrero


For these 2 videos, I directed, recorded, edited, and published everything during my time working at Well Bred. I used Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to edit and my iPhone to record.

These next videos were for a NYC real estate broker, David Avgi, with over 2k subscribers on YouTube and over 90k followers on TikTok. I was an apprentice for the video editor and videographer, Simon Park. I was given the clips to work with and edited them using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Final Cut Pro.

These are some Instagram Reels I made for my website. I use Adobe Premiere Pro or just my iPhone and Instagram. The first has over 10k views with 129 likes in 2 days and the second has over 3k views with 184 likes in 1 day.



Album Cover Project

Creating these 6 album cover designs for my favorite song seemed easy at first. However, I faced challenges with the ones using Adobe Illustrator, as I was still a novice. When completed, I enjoyed the learning experience and felt excited to continue learning. The abstract, geometric designs were developed using Adobe Illustrator and the graphic designs were produced using Adobe Photoshop. Choice of text family was limited.

Concert Brochure

Using Adobe InDesign, creating this mock brochure about an upcoming tour from a musical artist of our choice, was the next step of my album cover design. I loved the freedom of designing something fitting to the musical artists’ and my’s style. The front cover is shorter in width so that the slip of the more vivid background image, all the way on the inside right side, matches up with the front cover’s. I enjoy creating simple, “sketchy”-looking designs.

Researching & Writing Skills

Developing a crisis plan for a real company tested my skills and abilities to properly collect and analyze information. Throughout the semester, I conducted extensive primary, secondary, qualitative, and quantitative research. This, including a full report, was for RUSS (Rowan University Student Scholars Symposium). Mine was chosen to be a template for future students.

Working with Native Korean students to develop a business plan, as well as a marketing strategy in PowerPoint format for the expansion of Mediheal, was by far my most valuable experience. We conducted thorough secondary, quantitative, and qualitative research. This taught me how to work with people who I do not share a language with among many other lessons.

A media plan for an industry I previously had no knowledge or interest in, helped me find excitement and skills I was not aware of were in me. This plan consisted of elaborate secondary, qualitative, and quantitative research. We used Simmons OneView, Media Flight Plan, and Excel to gather and analyze information and statistics.

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